Saint Bernards or Alpine Mastiffs are very large and extremely gentle. They are very loyal, highly intelligent and is a good watchdog and tend to drool after eating or drinking.

Saint Bernard

Breed Type: Working
Weight: 120 to 200 lbs
Height: 27.5 inches for Males, 25 inches for Females
Coat Type: Saint Bernard can have either long or short hair

Saint Bernard is one of the oldest breeds of dog. It was originally created for rescue purposes. Therefore, it can survive well in adverse conditions, such as heavy snow. It serves better as a working dog than a pet. However, the animal lovers can adopt a Saint Bernard for their home, because it exhibits all the qualities of a domestic dog. Its basic nature of gentleness makes it perfectly suitable for owners having kids at home. If you are interested in knowing more about the dog breed, then read the article. Given below is complete information on the history, appearance and personality of Saint Bernard dog breed.

A vibrant history is associated with the ancient breed of dogs - Saint Bernard. As per the historical records, the breed was created in 980 AD by Saint Bernard de Menthon, who provided shelter to the refugees traveling through the perilous Alpine pass between Switzerland and Italy, during the time. Since the breed is a descendent of the Tibetan mastiff, it is also believed that it has originated from the mastiffs that were brought to the Alps by the Romans. During the time, it is believed that the monks cross-bred the ancient mastiff with the Great Dane and the Great Pyrenees to give rise to what is known today as Saint Bernard.

The use of Saint Bernard as a rescue dog gained immense popularity in the middle of the seventeenth century. It was used as a rescue dog in the event of avalanche. Saint Bernards served as rescued dogs in snowy areas near the Hospice. After rescuing the injured travelers, the dog used to lick them and lie next to them, as to give warmth. Since the dog rescued a large number of people during adversities, it was considered the excellent servant to humankind. With the passing time, it was trained even more vigorously to rescue people even from the deepest deposits of snow. Today, it serves as one of the well mannered and excellent rescuer.

Saint Bernard dog breed is characterized by its huge size of the body, which possesses a large head. The coat of the dog, which is typically white with red, mahogany, black or brindle markings, can be either smooth or rough. The smooth coat is usually close and flat, while the rough counterpart is dense and more prominent around the neck and head of the dog. Its long tail is heavy and hanging low, with the end turned up a little bit. It possesses a very dark eyes that reflect its intelligence.

Saint Bernard have distinguished themselves for their bravery and rescuing many people from the clutches of death in Alps, since centuries. They are loving, very friendly, gentle, good-natured, intensely loyal. They get well with children, other dogs and pets and are quite protective and loyal to their owners and their possessions. They love to please their owners. They need understanding and sympathetic training at an early age not to pull on leash, as they grow up to a large size as they mature. Since this dog is very huge in size, it needs to be socialized frequently, so that it is given the much desired human companionship.