Bearded Collies or Beardies are exuberant, playful, wags their tails often and are known for their 'bounce'.

Bearded Collie

Breed Type: Herding

Weight: 45 to 55 lbs

Height: 21 to 22 inches for Males, 20 to 21 inches for Females

Coat type: Straight, long and rough outer coat and dense and wooly undercoat.

Bearded Collie is one of the rare breeds of dogs. The name 'Bearded Collie' is derived from its mere appearance. It sports long, soft hair under the chin, which flows into the chest, giving it the appearance of a beard. People owning a Beardie consider themselves fortunate to have such a lovable pet, because the breed is not widespread. The lovable personality and attractive appearance of Bearded Collie makes it the perfect companion for singles and a great family dog. Get interesting information on the history, appearance and personality of Bearded Collie dog breed, in the following lines.

The Bearded Collie dog breed, descended from the Polish Sheepdog, was first introduced in Scotland in 1514, by a Polish captain who sold three of his dogs to a Scottish shepherd. The sold dogs were then bred with local herding stock. This gave way rise to the Bearded Collie breed of dogs. For many centuries, the breed assumed the position of a herder of both sheep and cattle in Scotland. It was fondly referred to as the 'Highland Sheepdog', the Highland Collie' 'Hairy Moved Collie' and sometimes, came to be popularly known as 'Beardie'. However, over the passing years, the breed disappeared. It was soon brought back to life through mating a pair, in 1944.

The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized hairy dog. The body of the animal appears to be very heavy due to its long-haired coat. The hair under its chin gives the appearance of a beard, which adds to its appeal. Its eyes are wide set high on its head and in perfect sync with the color of its coat. The ears are positioned close to the head, while the tail is long and low. Born black, blue, brown or fawn in color, Bearded Collie the coat of the dog fades away as it grows older and ultimately, becomes light gray or cream in color. However, after becoming a fully matured dog, the coat regains its original dark color.

High-spirited, cheerful, clever, independent, sociable and active, Bearded Collie dog breed gets along well with children and other household pets and gets friendly with strangers too. The dog learns quickly. Its positive reinforcement and kindness helps the owner to train the dog without much of a hassle. It is agile, obedient and competitive in nature. It loves to perform tricks, which makes it the best bet for flaunting in a dog show. Bearded Collie exhibits good tracking skills too. Its enthusiasm to explore new things makes it very active. The male Bearded Collie tends to be bold and outgoing, while it's female counterpart is generally calm and submissive. Obedience training is highly recommended for this dog breed.