Basset Hounds are sweet, mild and gentle but not timid and have a friendly temperament, fit for a family.

Basset Hound

Breed Type: Hounds

Weight: 40 to 60 lbs

Height: 14 inches

Coat type: Short, smooth and dense coat.

Basset Hound is a dog breed, native to France. Being hunting dogs, they are the best bet for tracking animals such as rabbit and dear. Basset Hounds serve as a great household pet because of their owner-friendly traits like loyalty. Moreover, they are very easy to be with and serve as lovable companions for the owner. The basic characteristics of barking and howling make the Basset Hounds perfect alarm dogs. However, they are too soft to assume the position of guard for your home. With a huge body and short legs, Basset Hounds are known for their excellent tracking ability, which is second to Blood Hounds. Go through the article check out interesting information about the history, appearance and personality of Basset Hound dog breed.

Basset Hounds were used as hunting dogs throughout Europe, several centuries ago. They were reared by monks, who preferred to rear a slow dog that could be followed on foot. The Basset Hound proved to be the excellent slow-tracker of rabbit and deer. The breed was brought to England in the 1860s and traveled to America, later on. Basset Hounds made their first appearance in a dog show in 1884, in Westminster. After Basset Hound Club of America started its operations in 1935, the dog breed evolved as a resourceful hunter, tracker and companion.

Basset Hounds are characterized by deep muzzle, rounded skull, medium-sized head and black, powerful nose. The long, downward ears of the breed are silky to touch and are positioned low. They have deep chest and narrow shoulders. The loose skin found on their head makes wrinkles, while the loose skin positioned in the areas of the skull and back, helps them to retain the scent of an object, while tracking it down. They have thick frame and sturdy legs, while the feet are very heavy. With straight back, their highly-positioned tapered tail erects when walking. Their short-dense coat is resistant to weather and can be found in many colors, among which the most common is white with brown patterns.

Basset hounds are very easygoing and affectionate to their owners. They are active and amusing. They are mellow, at the same time, stubborn. The positive trait of obedience makes them easy to be trained. Once disciplined, they would remain well-mannered for ever. Excellent all-round playmates, Basset Hounds are ideal pets for hanging out around the house and romp through the fields. The cute, adorable Basset Hounds are the perfect household pets for families, city-dwellers and singles. Clumsy around the house though, Basset Hounds are very agile while in the field. The dog would howl or bark to indicate that it wants something or to suggest that they think something is wrong.