American Water Spaniels are active, muscular, hardy and intelligent and can live in apartments.

American Water Spaniel

Breed Type: Sporting
Weight: 30 to 45 lbs for Males, 25 to 40 lbs for Females
Height: 15 to 18 inches
Coat type: Has long oily hair.
Color: American Water Spaniels are generally of liver, brown or dark chocolate colors.

The American Water Spaniel is a gundog breed of dog. It is very popular in North America but little known beyond it. It is about 15-18 inches in height and very sporty in nature. It is an agile and muscular with a curly coat which has an oily coating that makes its skin water resistant. The American Water Spaniel is friendly in nature and loves getting pampered. It has a life span of about 10-12 years. It is presently used as hunter or family pets. It is also the state dog of Winconsin.

The exact origins of the American Water Spaniel are debated, though the most popular version says that this breed originated in the Fox River and Wolf River valleys of Wisconsin. The Irish Water Spaniel, Old English Water Spaniel and the Curly-Coated Retriever are said to be its ancestors. In early days they were known as Brown Water Spaniels due to it color and 'Poor man's dog' due to its low maintenance requirements.

The American Water Spaniel as a breed was scientifically developed when the existing population decreased in popularity and eventually population. It was Dr. F.J. Pfeifer, who crossed English Water Spaniel and the Field Spaniel breed to re-obtain this breed again in 20th century. The breed was then recognized by AKC (American Kennel Association) in 1940. Today, it is a moderately popular breed. With lots of loyal admirers of the breed, it is not likely to extinct soon.

American Water Spaniel is a medium sized dog with a weight of about 11-20 kg. It has a curly marcel coat which is dense and water resistant due to an oily cover. The breed is available in various colors like liver, brown, or chocolate. It has a broad and spaniel-like head with no topknot and yellowish brown eyes on its face. It has a well proportionate body with a rocker shaped tail.

American Water Spaniels are sensitive, intelligent, loyal, and high pain tolerant. However at times they react hyper timid and bark too much. By nature they are gentle to other animal and children. They need regular exercises like long walk and swimming. Short and consistent training sessions on a regular basis make them a perfect pet. Little grooming like weekly brushing, clipping hair around the feet and topknot are necessary for them to maintain a beautiful look. They are highly alert watch dogs which are well behaved with strangers if properly introduced.