Australian Terriers are one of the smallest terriers that is a little too courageous and readily challenge a big dog without going over the results.

Australian Terrier

Breed Type: Terrier

Weight: 12 to 14 lbs

Height: 10 to 11 inches

Coat type: Medium length, straight and hard hair.

A small animal with short legs, the dog belonging to the Australian Terrier breed could catch anyone's immediate attention. Developed in Australia, dogs of the breed are highly dependable for their loyalty, sturdiness and unbound charm. It is one of the best pets and a good companion as well. They can provide you the much desired companion, if they are nourished in a loving and caring atmosphere. Go through the following lines to get complete information on the history, appearance and personality of Australian Terrier.

Historical records suggests that the Australian Terrier, are the descendents of the rough coated type terriers, who were imported from Great Britain to Australia in the beginning of 1800s. The ancestors of the Australian Terrier were grown to eradicate mice and rats. Another study shows that the breed shares its ancestry with the Cairn Terrier, Shorthaired Skye Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Yorkshire Terriers and Irish Terriers were also cross bred to give rise to Australian Terrier.

The breeding of Australian Terrier began in Tasmania in 1820. The breed gained official recognition, when its first breed club was established in 1887. Originally called 'the rough coated terrier', it came to be known as Australian Terrier in 1892. the breed marked its appearance in a dog show, for the first time, in 1903 in Melbourne. Over the passing years, the breed has gained recognition in a number of developed countries.

Australian Terrier is characterized by small stature, which is low-set and sturdy. They are double-coat breed, the outer coat being straight, harsh and rough in texture and the inner coat is dense, short and soft. The weatherproof coat is longer on the body than the hair on the tail, rear legs and feet. The protective ruff of softer hair at the neck gives the appearance of an apron, when blended. The coat of the breed of dog is very attractive. It is found in dark blue, silvery blue (with tan markings on the legs and head), solid red and sandy colored coat.

The bold, fearless and charming Australian Terrier is truly an owner's delight. It exhibits the qualities of alertness and high level of confidence. Dogs categorized into this breed are often proud and hardy. They adapt easily to varying lifestyles and hence, make excellent companions. They are extremely loyal and affectionate to their owner. They are regarded some of the best household pets. You may adopt an Australian Terrier for chasing small cat as well as small outdoor animals like rabbit and squirrel. Although they are wary of strangers, they can at times get very aggressive if provoked. Like any other dog, Australian Terrier requires motivation, praise, firmness and fairness from the owner's side.