Affenpinschers is a toy dog that were once used to get rid of rodents.


Breed Type: Terrier-like Toy Dog
Weight: 7-9 lbs
Height: 9 -11.5 inches
Coat type: Course, Swirling Wiry Fur

The Affenpinscher, which literally means “monkey”, is a dog breed that certainly lives up to that name. Like monkeys, this dog is fond of clowning and having fun. They love to stay busy, and even love the company of other dogs. Due to its humorous nature, this is one of the most famous breed of dogs among families that love to have an entertaining and funny pet. Although this breed is very friendly in nature, Affenpinschers are excellent watchdogs.

The origin-place of Affenpinscher is Germany and this breed became famous in the seventeenth century. Its name is derived from the German word Affe which means ape or monkey. The Affenpinscher is ancestor of the Griffon Bruxellois and Miniature Schnauzer. This breed has been known since 1600, but at that time, they were larger in comparison to the latest breed of Affenpinscher. They used to be about 12 to 13 inches tall, whereas the latest breed is about 9 to 11.5 inches tall. They used to come in a variety of colors, such as gray, fawn, black and tan, gray and tan, and also red. White feet and white chest were also very common among this breed at that time.

Generally Affenpinscher is available in black color; but other common colors of this breed are tan or gray. Silver Affenpinscher can also be seen sometimes. The FCI and UK breed standards specifies that the coat of Affenpinscher must be black, but the AKC also allows gray, silver, red and tan, and belge which is a mixture of red, black and white hairs; other clubs have their own lists of acceptable colors. Out of all other colors, black is still the most preferred one. Weight of this breed is generally found between 7 to 9 pounds i.e. 3-4 kg. Affenpinscher does not exceed 11 inches in height. This dog is known for harsh rough coat and has a monkey-like expression. Its coat is shaggy over the head and shoulders forming a curls and shorter over the back and hind quarters. The texture of its coat is harsh and wiry.

Affenpinschers are active, adventurous, curious, and stubborn. They are also fun-loving and playful. The breed is confident, lively, and affectionate towards family members. Affenpinscher dog enjoys being with its family. It needs consistent and firm training, however, the training should be varied as these dogs easily get bored. When it comes to their toys and food, Affenpinschers are somewhat defensive. So, they are not recommended for the family having very small children. Affenpinschers are usually quiet, but if attacked or threatened, they can become very excited. These dogs are tolerant of other pets and children, but may feel uncomfortable in the company of strangers. In short, Affenpinschers are alert, easy to train, friendly, intelligent, lively and loyal dogs.

Genetic Disease
The Affenpinschers are generally prone to hip dysplasia. As other small breeds of dog, they are prone to collapsed trachea, which can be avoided by walking the dog with a harness instead of a collar. Cataracts are also occasionally reported in this breed.

Affenpinschers need to be groomed two to three times a week, as frequent grooming reduces the amount of loose fur in the environment. The hair of Affenpinschers should be plucked, periodically, only by professional trimmers who are trained to handle dogs and their coats. They need to be trained consistently. Short walks — at least three times a day — are suggested for Affenpinscher breed.