Flat-Coated Retrievers are great family dogs and are quite loved by children. They are smart, stable, active, sweet, cheerful, sociable and friendly.

Flat Coated Retriever

Breed Type: Sporting
Weight: 60 to 70 lbs
Height: 23 to 24.5 inches for Males, 22 to 23.5 inches for Females
Coat Type: Straight coat that lies flat

Flat Coated Retriever is one of the most helpful companions for their owner. As the name suggests, it is retriever of prey and are mostly used by hunters. It is also the ancestor of several other well known breeds including the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Chesapeake Bay Retriever. If given care, attention and motivation, Flat Coated Retriever would prove to be the best domestic dog. On the other hand, if it is ignored or left alone for a long time, then it would grow destructive. The breed of the dog can be found in many parts of the world. Go through the following lines to get information on the history, appearance and personality of Flat Coat Retrievers.

Flat Coated Retriever was created in the 19th century in England, by crossing Wavy-Coated Retriever and other flat coated breeds. The Flat Coated Retriever is capable of retrieving on both land and water. Hunters, who shot down birds in the air, took the assistance of the breed to retrieve the prey for them. Consequently, the breed gained immense popularity and was one of the chosen gundogs. After its recognition by American Kennel Club in 1915, the dog breed grew rapidly. However, it was overshadowed by the popularity of Golden Retriever and thereafter, its population sank to low. Nonetheless, the population of the Flat Coated Retriever breed was brought back to a stable level by careful breeding programs conducted in the 1960s.

Flat Coated Retriever is characterized by a single layered coat that is straight, dense and flat. It may be colored solid black or deep brown. The moderately long coat featured to the dog's legs, belly, tail and chest. The head is positioned well into a moderately long and well-arched neck, which flows smoothly into the firm back and shoulders. The dog has well angulated front and rear, which allows it to move effortlessly. The dog has a well developed brisket, with a prominent prow. It has short legs and well-feathered waving tail. The small, pendent ears are positioned close to the head. It is set apart from other breeds due to its elegant appearance.

Flat Coated Retriever has a responsive attitude. It is strong, confident, easy going, sensible, optimistic and intelligent. The constantly wagging tail of the dog makes it look lovable and charming. It requires human companionship and desires to be a part of the family. It has a tendency to bark at intruders, which brings out another functionality of Flat Coated Retriever - they are great watchdogs. They get along very well with other household pets. They often greet other dogs with a kiss on the lips and may attempt to incorporate this habit on human companions as well.