These interactive cat toys apart from entertaining your pet will also provide the mush needed exercise to her.

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive toys are a great help to bond with your cats and help them in agility, muscle tone, stamina and weight control. The moving toys such as birds with fluttering feathers and ducking mice can as much be used for solitary play as they can be used for interactive fun with your pet. Cats and kittens alike love the erratic movements of wands and lures that are detachable. The balls with animal print fleece cover and a detachable feather section make them look much like a prey that can be hunted down while they have a beautiful bouncing capability because of the fiberfill stuffing that make them even more attractive to the cats. They are a good exercise to the cats too. The moving bugs giving out laser beams should only be used alternatively with the catnip prey to avoid the frustration to the kitty and yet train it in its natural hunting skills.

Flexible wands that can be wiggled are good for interactive fun but should not be left alone with the kitten and should always be put away after play. Use mittens on your hands, if you really want to play with your cat, using your hands. Though, we still advise never to use your hands as toys for kittens and cats, if you don't want them to be scratched painfully or get a bite from the suddenly ferocious feline. Other interactive fun may include cat puzzles and mazes, where a right move can give the cat a treat or catnip while a wrong one can give it a mild shock. They are perfect for master cat trainers. Others can use simpler versions that offer only treats as rewards and eliminate the steep for punishment.