Catnip toys are the most favorite toys of the cats. Cats simply go crazy while playing with them.

Catnip Toys

Cat is a highly active animal, which indulges itself into activities such as playing, scratching posts and sharpening its paws, for a prolonged time. You would hardly find the animal sitting idle, unless situations like sickness or times when it is seeking solitude. Hence, toys form an important part of the waking hours of the playful and energetic cats. If you are planning to introduce your cat to a new toy, then try some catnip toys. As the name suggests, catnip is a cat-friendly herb belonging to the mint family. Cats are inherently allured to the aroma of the catnip leaves, which are used to make a wide variety of toys. Check out some catnip toys ideas in the following lines.

Catnip Toy Ideas