Some of the favorite cat toys are catnip toys and interactive toys

Cat Toys

If you are a cat lover, or have a pet cat at home, you must be aware of how much the animal loves to play with toys. Especially the little kittens are almost as much enthusiastic about toys as human kids are. So, the best gift for a cat; be it on a holiday occasion or its birthday; would be a toy. In case you are wondering what kind of toy will be best for your pet kitten, this article will prove to be of help. Go through the following lines and explore some of the best ideas for cat toys

Best Toys For Cats

Bird Toy
Amongst all the catnip commercial toys available in the market, the one that is most sought after is the toy that looks like a bird and has a twirling feather action as well. This toy can keep a cat engaged for a large amount of time. The car takes it for a real bird and tries to hunt it down everywhere. However, it is necessary to put the toy away after the cat has played enough with it or your kitty is sure to try to tear it open.

Interactive Toys
When it comes to cat toys, the interactive ones are also quite popular. Amongst the popular interactive toys available in the market today are the ones that look very much like a real mouse. They even fake a mouse's panic and erratic movements so realistically that a cat goes crazy for it.

Toy Box
You can help enhance the hunting and stalking instincts of your cat, by gifting it a toy box, which has the catnip 'prey' hidden inside it. It is actually the thrill that keeps a cat interested in these boxes, just like a treasure hunt that keeps kids interested over hours.

Musical Doll
Another toy option for your cat would comprise of moving musical dolls. These dolls have the ability to keep your cat entranced for a long duration of time. while buying dolls, make sure that they are made of a sturdy material, which won't come readily apart when chewed upon, by the cats.

Toy Mice
Toy mice, with cat treats inside them, prove most satisfactory to even the laziest of cats. To add to the fun, you can buy a mouse made up of fabric, with cat treats or catnips inside, which can move, jump and duck. It will be effective in giving a nice exercise to your cat, before being ripped off and enjoyed. Some of the toy mice have sparkling surfaces, while other give off laser beams, to attract the cats. However, they should not be 'too-hard' to catch or the cat will lose interest.

Wand Toys
In context of cat toys, wands toys make up another popular option, which is also recommended by all the cat lovers, breeders, owners and toy testers. The wands can be put on floor and then wriggled a little, to catch the attention of your cat and then can be maneuvered around, challenging the pet to catch it.