Here are some tips to remove/eliminate pet odor

Tips on Removing Pet Odor

Bath and grooming products for a pet are meant to remove odor of the pets too. The pets can be cats, dogs, birds, aquarium fish or any other exotic pet. Make sure that pet odor removers are pet-safe and biodegradable. These are known to effectively remove pet odors caused by cats, dogs and other small animals and also take urine and littler stains and odor into account. Eliminating pet odors is an important step in toilet training your pet for it continues to return to the area, it has marked with its personal scent despite all the positive reinforcement that you can summon. Thus, it is important to neutralize the odor thoroughly to train your pet properly.

While steam colors and heat are known to permanently set the odor and the stain on the man-made fibers of the carpets, rugs and sofas, cleaning chemicals with strong ammonia or vinegar odors are not as effective on pets to cover the urine odor as on their human counterparts. In fact, they might only encourage the pet to reinforce the urine scent mark in that particular area for better recognition.

Some of the effective ideas to remove pet odors are:
You can also save your pets from having bad breath or body odor by giving them natural and healthy food, bathing them up properly and grooming and brushing them up regularly. Consistent care of the animals significantly reduces pet odors or eliminate them completely.