Boils or pus-filled skin abscesses can give your cat a tough time. Read to know the causes and treatment of boils on cats.

Boils on Cat

A boil or 'Furuncle' is actually a pocket of pus, filled with bacteria or foreign matter under the skin surface. Cats generally get these localized bacterial skin infections in bite and claw wounds during fights. Even though a bite/wound might not leave any puncture on the skin; but it might lead to the development of painful boils underneath the skin surface. Boils on skin generally starts as a tender lump, and then eventually reddens and gets swollen with 'pus'. Sometimes, the pus might get drained on its own. If not; lancing the boils by a veterinarian becomes necessary. Read to know what causes boils in cats, and how to deal with boils with available home remedies.

Listed below are certain factors that can predispose a cat to boils and other staph infections in the skin.
Home Remedies
Following are a few simple home remedies that you may easily carry out to cure boils in your cat.
If the boils do not heal even after two days, immediately notify your veterinarian. The infection might easily grow and spread, if neglected.